Sample size does matter

Sample size does matter

Oct 25, 2023
Here you will see two pictures of test cassettes.
Do you notice a difference? Can you tell what it is?
Cassette A has about 50 % less blood collected to the swab than cassette B.
What does that mean in real terms then? Why does it matter?
Our pregnancy test has a proven accuracy of 96 % when performed correctly after 28 days or more have passed from ovulation. The test can never out-perform a very small sample and in almost all cases of a false negative it is due to the sample collected being too small.
If you feel like the swab is full, carry on. Tilting your female's nose towards the floor can help to collect more sample to the swab. Take your time. This stage does not need to be rushed. Only when the swab cannot absorb anymore, it is full. And when the colour is deep burgundy throughout.
50 % less sample means it is very unlikely that detection is possible early on. Then again many breeders very successfully test before the 28 day mark. They always make sure the swab is collected to the very full capacity.
From the Bellylabs Product team

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