How to test your dog

4 easy steps

Watch how it's done

1. Snap

Use the lancet provided to snap your dog’s lip to obtain a small droplet of blood. The lancet is single use, and can be fired only once and you will not see the blade.

🎥 How to use the lancet

2. Collect

Collect the sample to the sample swab until it is completely red throughout and will no longer absorb any more sample. This is important. The test result can be only as good as the sample.

3. Drop & close

Drop the swab into the buffer tube and swirl it around 3-5 times to release the sample, and break the end of the swab into the tube. Wait 1 minute.

4. Release & read

Turn the tube upside down, open the smaller bottom cap and drop 2 drops of the sample liquid into the test cassette’s sample hole. Set a timer for 10 minutes and your result is ready!

🖼️ Examples of positive test results

What's included in the test kit:

  • Instruction leaflet (in 8 languages)
  • 2 Single use safety lancets
  • Sample swab
  • Buffer tube
  • Test cassette (foil packaging)
  • Test package has a cut out to hold the buffer tube

The test has a long shelf life: buy now and use it when you need it!

Best Before Date is always 18 months from production, so you can always expect several months of use.