The Professional Guide to Understanding the Cost of Progesterone Testing for Dogs

The Professional Guide to Understanding the Cost of Progesterone Testing for Dogs

Oct 15, 2023
Proper canine reproductive health management is essential for responsible breeders and pet owners alike. Progesterone testing is a crucial component of this process, aiding in the accurate prediction of optimal breeding times and ensuring the health and safety of both the female dog and her potential offspring. However, the progesterone test for dogs cost can vary significantly, and it is imperative for all stakeholders to understand the factors that influence these costs. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of progesterone testing for dogs, its significance, and the financial aspects associated with it.

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The test is intended to determine pregnancy in a bitch as well as to distinguish between pseudopregnancy and a real gestation. The test measures relaxin hormone which is a reliable indication of pregnancy. For the best accuracy 96 %* we recommend testing after 28 days has passed from ovulation**. There is no harm in testing earlier, but there might not be enough of the hormone for a reliable detection yet. 

  • Convenient: Test when it best suits you and your dog at the comfort of your own home.   
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96 % accuracy*Results within 10-15 minutesFor the best accuracy, test 28 days post-ovulation**Money-Back Guarantee