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Bellylabs Pregnancy Test For Dogs - easy, safe and fast!

Developed with veterinarians and breeders

Test from the comfort of your home

96 % accuracy*

Get results 28 days after ovulation**

Bellylabs Pregnancy Test For Dogs

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96 % accuracy*Results within 10-15 minutesFor the best accuracy, test 28 days post-ovulation**Money-Back Guarantee

No needles, no stress, accurate results

We at Bellylabs want to make life easier for both you and your dog. Our test kit includes everything you need to perform the pregnancy test at home in just 10 minutes – with a 96 % accuracy rate.

Bellylabs Dog Pregnancy Test is the best selling early detection rapid dog pregnancy test kit for home use. The test is intended to determine pregnancy in a bitch as well as to distinguish between pseudopregnancy and a real gestation. The test measures relaxin hormone which is a reliable indication of dog pregnancy. To reach best accuracy of 96 % it is recommended that the test is performed no earlier than 28 days post-ovulation. There is no harm in testing earlier, but there might not be enough hormone for a reliable detection yet.


Based on years of research, developed with vets and breeders

The test is an early detection dog pregnancy rapid test for home use. The product is based on Bellylabs' own research, antibodies and technology.

Production in Finland, Europe at a CE, ISO 13485:2016 & EC certified factory.

International PCT patent pending.


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How to test your dog

Get to know the easiest way of detecting dog pregnancy at home

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Effect of Pinus taeda Hydrolyzed Lignin on Biochemical Profile, Oxidative Status, and Semen Quality of Healthy Dogs
May 03, 2024
Sub-fertility poses a common challenge in canine reproduction, with sperm quality being a primary concern. To address this, researchers explored the use of micronutrients and additives to enhance sperm quality, focusing on a polyphenolic mix derived from Pinus taeda lignin (PTHL). The study involved 40 male dogs, half of which received PTHL supplementation for 90 days while the other half served as a control group. 
Scientific Summary: Thyroid Function in Female German Shepherd Dogs
Apr 30, 2024
Assessing thyroid function in dogs is complex due to various factors affecting hormone levels. Age, breed, physical activity, and medications can influence thyroid hormone concentrations. Additionally, sex hormones, particularly in the estrous cycle, may impact thyroid activity. This study aimed to explore these interactions, focusing on female German Shepherds.
APGAR score as a method for prediction of survival prognosis in newborn puppies and kittens
Apr 26, 2024
Neonatal mortality is a significant concern in veterinary medicine, and the APGAR scoring scale, commonly used in human medicine since the 1950s, offers a potential solution. This scoring system evaluates the viability of newborns based on five criteria: heart rate, respiratory effort, muscle tone, reflex irritability, and color. Low APGAR scores indicate newborns that require immediate attention and care.

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*96% accuracy as compared to a confirmed medical diagnosis (ultrasound), study involving 70 tests.

**Performing a progesterone test before mating can help determine the exact timing of ovulation and address variations in gestation days.