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Anni & Pulmu

Hello from our Product Team

How does Bellylabs Dog Pregnancy Test work? 

How come it doesn’t work?

How can I make sure the result is correct?

Bellylabs test measures relaxin hormone that is present when a canine female is pregnant. The measuring happens with antibodies that Bellylabs has developed with leading experts and scientists to detect this hormone. There is a patent application pending on this technology.

Firstly always make sure your test kit has reached regular room temperature. Let the kit sit in room temperature for at least 30 minutes before proceeding. 

The sample is collected from the dog’s lip with a sample swab and diluted into a buffer liquid. All of the following steps are hugely important and  are not in place by accident. All of these play a major role on how the test performs accurately.

A) The amount of sample collected

B) how it is collected

C) how fast and well it is diluted 

D) how much of the sample buffer mixture is pipetted to the sample hole in the tester

The sample size is hugely important. If the sponge tip is not completely full, blood soaked and red, there is not enough of sample and possibly not enough of the hormone for detection. To put it simply, small sample, smaller change of a correct detection. 

Dissolving the sample is also an important step. Even if the sample is of a good size, but it is not twirled in the tube and left to stand, it is possible that not enough of the sample had a chance to transfer. And the same scenario as above is likely.

Lastly how much of the mixture is pipetted is also crucial. The testing technology relies on liquid travelling on the test strip. If the amounts put on it are not correct, the test has no chance of performing as it should. 

The best advice is also to take good pictures of the test at 10 and at 15 minutes. It is good to have a reference to go back to if questions arise!

All of these steps play their own important roles in the testing process. They are not difficult or hard. I should know, I have performed maybe 200 + of these. But as the Chief Product Officer of Bellylabs, and also as a life long dog lover, owner and breeder,  I would love for you to read the instructions carefully, watch the instructional video on our website or Youtube, and if you have any questions, reach out! Our customer service is always more than happy to help.

Best regards, Anni