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Bellylabs Home pregnancy test for dogs and cats


We have listed here frequently asked questions about Bellylabs’ products and web store. Watch also the instructional video, as it answers to many questions. 

What is this test for? 

The test is a dog pregnancy rapid test for home use. The Bellylabs test is intended to determine pregnancy in a bitch as well as to distinguish between pseudopregnancy and a real gestation. You can now do the test at home safely, reliably and quickly – saving time, trouble and money.

What is the test based on? 

The test measures relaxin hormone which is present during gestation. Relaxin hormone is a reliable biomarker for determining dog pregnancy.

Is the Bellylabs Dog Pregnancy test reliable? 

The test’s accuracy is 96 %. The Bellylabs pregnancy test was compared to a confirmed medical diagnosis. The study involved 70 performed tests. The test has been tested for more than 30 dog breeds, dog sizes varying from 3 kg to 80 kg. 

How early can I test my dog? 

The test measures relaxin hormone which is a reliable indication of dog pregnancy. For the best accuracy we recommend testing after 28 days has passed from ovulation. There is no harm in testing earlier. Relaxin hormone is produced by the developing placenta following implantation of the embryo, and can be detected in the blood in most pregnant females as early as 22 to 27 days post-ovulation but there might not be enough hormone for a reliable detection yet. This is why if you test before 28 days have passed and get a negative result, we recommend testing again in 5 to 7 days time.  

Does a positive result guarantee me puppies?

No, unfortunately it does not. The test measures relaxin hormone, that is present when your female is pregnant. This hormone is produced by the developing placenta following implantation of the embryo. We cannot promise that the pregnancy will successfully reach full term.

Is everything I need in the test kit? 

The test kit contains all necessary components for completing the test procedure. All you need is your dog and timer. 

How is the test performed?

Before you start, read the instructions leaflet and watch the instructional video. Please make sure that test kit components have reached room temperature.


How do I take a sample?

The sampling is easy and safe to do. Use one of the 2 lancets provided to snap your dog’s inner lip. A small drop of blood will appear that is easy to collect to the sample swab. Keep collecting blood until the swab is red throughout and will no longer absorb more blood. If there is not enough sample (full swab), use the spare lancet for another snap. 

Why from blood?

At this time getting a reliable and accurate reading of relaxin hormone will require the test to be run from a blood sample. Only a small droplet is required however.

Does it hurt?

The lancet is similar to that used on human newborn’s heels for sampling in hospitals. It is safe and reliable to use. The dogs do not even notice the sampling in almost all cases.

How do I know there is enough sample on the swab?

When the swab will no longer absorb more sample when it is rolled on the lip. We recommend rolling the sample on the sample a few more times after you feel the swab is full. It will appear dark red and full and there will be no white or paler areas on the swab. Please note that it is impossible to collect too much on the swab but on the other hand an inadequate sample might leave the pregnancy undetected.

What if there is not enough sample in the swab?

The blood flow can be helped by tilting the dog’s nose downwards or releasing your hold of the dog’s lip for a moment. If there is still not enough sample (full swab), use the spare lancet for another snap. 

It is easier to obtain a sufficient sample from a dog that has been active. A little walk or play before testing enhances the blood circulation and might ease testing.  

My dog drools a lot. Does it affect the sample?

If your dog is a heavy drooler or you feel you can get a better hold of a dry lip we recommend patting the inside of your dog’s lip, the area you plan on taking the sample from, with a tissue or a clean towel before taking the sample.

Is there bleeding afterwards?

Usually the bleeding stops almost immediately. You can add a few seconds of pressure to the sample site with a tissue if there is still bleeding. 

What is the best way to hold my dog while testing?

This depends on how big your dog is and what you find comfortable. We recommend placing small dogs on a table or couch. Medium dogs can be easily held between your knees. Big dogs are best left sitting or standing on the floor next to the person performing the test. One person can successfully test most dogs by themselves. This all depends on each individual dog´s behaviour and what they are used to. We would recommend having help present if you have not tested your dog before.  

I am not sure when was the ovulation day

Gestation days may vary up to 4 to 7 days, if calculated from mating and the time of ovulation is unknown. A progesterone test can be performed to precisely determine ovulation before mating. If calculated from mating, we advice you to add a couple of days to your calculation.   


Do you offer discount for bigger amounts?

Yes! When you buy 6, you pay only for 5! Put 6 tests in the cart, the discount is calculated automatically. And free shipping included. 

Do you ship worldwide?

We offer global shipping. 

How long is the delivery time?

Delivery time depends on the chosen shipping method and your location country. Estimated delivery time is 2-4 business days with GLS and 1-7 business days with DHL. Average delivery time to USA is 4 business days. 

What shipping methods do you use?

Please see shipping methods in Terms and Conditions. 

What is the shipping cost?

Shipping costs are calculated based on the chosen shipping method and your location country. Shipping costs are calculated at checkout, when you set country to your shipping address.

Can I buy Bellylabs dog pregnancy test online?

The test can be purchased at anytime from our online store. At the moment, we cannot sell nor deliver to Great Britain, but we are working on the issue. Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions. 

Can I buy Bellylabs dog pregnancy test in a store?

You will soon be able to purchase the Bellylabs Pregnancy Test For Dogs in selected pet retail stores around the world. Currently you can order the test worldwide from our web store.

What payments methods do you have?

Bellylabs uses trusted and liable payment partners, Stripe and PayPal. Please see more in Terms and Conditions page.


Can I contact Bellylabs?

Yes, you can contact our customer service: [email protected] or by phone: +358 40 506 8500 or by contact form