Can you buy a dog pregnancy test from Petco?

Can you buy a dog pregnancy test from Petco?

Jun 06, 2023

At Bellylabs, our mission has always been to provide pet owners with the tools they need to care for their furry family members, and we are continuously working to expand the availability of our products to make them more accessible to pet owners worldwide.

  1. Availability in Pet Retail Chains:

We are pleased to announce that our Bellylabs Pregnancy Home Test for Dogs is now available in many pet retail major chains, including Musti Group, Maxi Zoo, and Tom & Co and specialists like Revival Animal Health. This expansion into these renowned pet retail chains allows us to reach a broader audience of pet owners who are looking for a reliable and convenient way to determine if their beloved dogs are pregnant. While our product may not yet be available at Petco or Pets at Home, we are actively working on expanding our presence in various pet retail chains across the globe.

  1. Searching for "Dog Pregnancy Test Pets at Home"

While we are continuously working on expanding our distribution network, it's important to note that the availability of Bellylabs Dog Pregnancy Test can vary by region, so you should check our website for information on international shipping if you are located outside the United States or any specific country we may primarily serve.

  1. Expanding Globally:

At Bellylabs, we are proud to say that our product has reached pet owners in over 50 countries worldwide. We are committed to expanding our global reach to ensure that pet owners everywhere can access our reliable and easy-to-use pregnancy test for dogs. Whether you're in North America, Europe, Asia, or any other part of the world, our goal is to make sure that you can confidently determine if your dog is expecting puppies with the help of our test.

  1. Our Commitment to Pet Health:

At Bellylabs, we understand that your pets are an essential part of your family, and their health and well-being are of utmost importance to you. Our pregnancy test for dogs is designed to provide accurate results, allowing you to plan and care for your dog's pregnancy with confidence. We take great pride in the quality and reliability of our product, and we are committed to supporting pet owners throughout their journey.

  1. Join the Bellylabs Community:

We invite all pet owners to join our growing Bellylabs community, where you can connect with fellow pet lovers, share your experiences, and seek advice on dog pregnancy and pet care. Our online community is a supportive space for pet owners to learn from each other and find answers to their questions.

  1. Stay Informed About Our Latest Updates:

As we continue to expand our presence globally and work on making our product available in even more pet retail chains, we encourage you to stay informed about our latest updates and announcements. You can visit our website ( and subscribe to our newsletter to receive the most up-to-date information on our product availability, promotions, and more.

In conclusion, we are thrilled to see the growing interest in our Bellylabs Pregnancy Home Test for dogs, and we are committed to serving pet owners around the world with a reliable and easy-to-use solution for detecting dog pregnancies. While we may not yet be available at Petco, we are actively exploring opportunities for expansion and appreciate your support on this journey.

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Bellylabs Pregnancy Test For Dogs

The best selling early detection rapid dog pregnancy test kit for home use. Testing is fast, safe, easy and stress-free. Results in 10 minutes. 

The test is intended to determine pregnancy in a bitch as well as to distinguish between pseudopregnancy and a real gestation. The test measures relaxin hormone which is a reliable indication of pregnancy. For the best accuracy 96 %* we recommend testing after 28 days has passed from ovulation**. There is no harm in testing earlier, but there might not be enough of the hormone for a reliable detection yet. 

  • Convenient: Test when it best suits you and your dog at the comfort of your own home.   
  • Safe: The test kit contains all equipment needed for performing the test at home. No professional knowledge or needles needed.


96 % accuracy*Results within 10-15 minutesFor the best accuracy, test 28 days post-ovulation**Money-Back Guarantee