Bellylabs and PupWise Unite to Elevate Canine Wellness: A New Chapter in Dog Parenting

Bellylabs and PupWise Unite to Elevate Canine Wellness: A New Chapter in Dog Parenting

Dec 14, 2023

Bellylabs is proud to announce a partnership with the US-based company PupWise, the pioneering platform dedicated to advancing the knowledge and well-being of dog parenting. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in providing comprehensive support and guidance to dog parents and breeders worldwide.

PupWise, a meticulously curated platform designed to enhance the journey of dog parenting, seamlessly integrates interactive learning, community engagement, and a wealth of carefully selected resources — now including Bellylabs' expertise. This partnership amplifies PupWise's commitment to empowering dog parents to make informed decisions for their pet's lifelong health and happiness.

Bellylabs' steadfast dedication and invaluable contributions to the field of canine health and breeding have played a pivotal role in shaping PupWise into the esteemed platform it is today. Bellylabs’ expertise and commitment have significantly enriched the PupWise community, ensuring that every dog parent who joins the platform receives unparalleled access to high-quality knowledge and resources.

"At PupWise, our philosophy revolves around the belief that 'to know is to love.' Our collaboration with Bellylabs aligns perfectly with this ethos, empowering dog parents and breeders to feel confident in their caregiving decisions. Bellylabs is a leading authority in canine health and wellness resources”, stated Vail Weymann, Founder of PupWise.

Through this partnership, PupWise transcends beyond being just an app; it becomes a beacon of knowledge, a trusted source, and a testament to the loving choices made by dog parents every day for their furry companions' well-being.

"We are thrilled to officially welcome Bellylabs into the PupWise family. Their unwavering support and dedication in dog reproduction have been instrumental in our mission to share essential resources and knowledge with dog parents worldwide", added Weymann.

As the partnership between PupWise and Bellylabs takes flight, both entities remain committed to fostering a community where every dog parent feels empowered, informed, and supported in their journey of caring for their beloved pets.

Discover the depth of knowledge and resources available through PupWise's partnership with Bellylabs by visiting PupWise's website. Presently, the PupWise mobile application is exclusively accessible within the United States and offered at no cost until January 15th, 2024.

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