How do I know my dog is pregnant?

Test gallery

The strength or intensity of the test line does not indicate the accuracy of the test result. Any forming of a result in the test line area (T) is to be considered as a positive result.

Here are some pictures of those positive test results within reading time 10-15 minutes:

American Staffordshire Bullterrier 32 days

Miniature schnauzer 32 days

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 24 days

Labradoodle 30 days

Dachshund 31 days

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 31 days

Dachshund 30 days

Labrador Retriever 34 days

Miniature Schnauzer 26 days

Schnauzer 32 days

Springer Spaniel 28 days

Labrador Retriever 31 days