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Musti Group reseller

Welcome aboard Musti!

We’re happy to share the news that the leading Nordic pet care specialist, Musti Group, operating in Finland, Sweden and Norway is the latest major reseller of our dog pregnancy rapid test! 

It’s been such a pleasure to work with Musti professionals due to shared thoughts on mission, values and responsibility. At Bellylabs, our aim is to improve the wellbeing of pets, supporting and safeguarding breeders and pet owners in their work. For Musti Group, responsibility has always meant putting the welfare of pets and people first, having high standards for quality, safety and expertise. That framework of values can also be seen as the cornerstone of our company and products. 

Let’s continue bringing pet health and wellness testing to homes everywhere! You can find our products from Musti’s online stores, Musti.noVetzoo and Arken Zoo.